How to prevent skin chafing when hiking wearing diapers?

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asked Jun 27 in Incontinence by 2020porter (320 points)
How to prevent skin chafing when hiking wearing diapers?

I love to go hiking in the spring and summer but I have to wear adult disposable diapers for urinary incontinence and whenever I go hiking when wearing the diapers I start get rashes and chafing between my legs and thighs?

How can I still wear the diapers and go hiking without chafing and rashes?

Is there a good disposable diaper brand for adults that work better at not getting rashes and chafing when hiking?

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answered Jun 27 by Judy (46,270 points)
Hiking is something I enjoy as well but I couldn't imagine having to go hiking while wearing disposable diapers especially during the summer heat.

But since you're urinary incontinent and have to wear the diapers when hiking or going anywhere else then you could try using some baby powder in the diaper and around your thighs.

Also try rubbing some lotion or diaper rash cream onto the area that is chafing before putting the diaper on.

Or try some more breathable adult diapers and maybe try switching to some cloth diapers for the hiking instead of the disposable ones.

The cloth diapers may be less hot on you when hiking and might be more comfortable and if you're wearing diapers when hiking you might need to apply some powder to avoid sweating too much down there and stay well hydrated.
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answered Jun 28 by Gracy (55,060 points)
If your skin is chafing when wearing diapers while hiking or when wearing the diapers doing anything else then it could be possible that you're putting the diaper on too tight.

Try putting the diaper on a little less tight and the chafing may stop.

My nephew when he was 2 years old used to get chafing around his thighs when he was wearing diapers and it got worse when it was hot outside and would be sweating.

What happened though was his diaper was put on too tight around his waist and thighs because he was also getting rashes around his waist and thighs.

His mom started loosening the diaper up a bit and the chafing stopped.

Adding some diaper rash cream and letting your skin air out without a diaper for awhile can also help and be sure to change the diaper often especially when you're sweating in the summertime.

I would also recommend using some anti monkey butt chafing powder or other anti chafing powder to help prevent the chafing when wearing diapers.

You might also switch to a more breathable diaper or maybe a lighter weight pull up type diaper that breathes better when hiking and then switch back to your regular adult diapers during the other times you're hiking.

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