How can I track a cell phone number for free online?

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asked Jun 26, 2019 in Cell Phones and Plans by Hozzielop0 (320 points)
How can I track a cell phone number for free online?

Is there a good website where I can track someone's cell phone number online for free?

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answered Jun 26, 2019 by Minty (104,840 points)
You can look up the owner of a cell phone number through online websites such as or spokeo for free.

Just enter the cell phone number online through those websites and then the cell phone numbers owners information will show up but to get more information you may have to pay a small fee.

Now as far as actually tracking the location of the cell phone through the cell phone number there's no legit way of doing so unless you own the cellphone and install GPS tracking software or apps on the cellphone.

Then you can go to the GPS tracking website and track down the location of the cellphone however if the app is turned off on the cellphone or the cellphone is turned off then there's no way of actually tracking the cellphone down.

If you need to have a cellphone tracked down then the cellphone company can usually track the location of the cellphone if there is a legit reason for the cellphone tracking and usually only law enforcement can have the cellphone company track down a cellphones location.
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answered Nov 17, 2020 by Djonatan (2,420 points)

Due to the fact that using your mobile number, scammers can find out a lot of information about you, it's better not to use your personal number to register on different sites that may not have the necessary data protection or provide your personal data to third parties. I can advise you to use different services that guarantee your anonymity and increase your cybersecurity. For example, I'm sure that if you use one of the phone numbers on this site , then you will not avoid the threat of hacking your social media accounts or leaking your data online. I think it's really important when your personal data is safe.

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You can usually track someone's cell phone number for free through use of apps but you need to have access to the phone to install the app to track the cell phone.

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