How many web servers does it take to run reddit?

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asked Jun 23, 2019 in Web Hosting by kotamalee (340 points)
How many web servers does it take to run reddit?

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answered Jun 23, 2019 by Shelde (45,730 points)
From a post on reddit websites a person running reddits web servers said they moved the reddit website to the cloud hosting and reddit runs on virtual servers.

According to the post on reddit. Reddit is hosted on 218 Virtual CPUs running 380GB of RAM to host all the content and serve the webpages to it's users.

As of now the other specs of the virtual servers that reddit is hosted on are.

9TB of Block Storage

2TB of S3 Storage

6.5 TB of Data Out / mo

2TB of Data In / mo

156M+ Pageviews

Cloud hosting is really the way to go for hosting any website and especially large websites as it's very easy to scale the hosting environment as your website traffic increases.
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answered Feb 22 by Vapirusky (1,970 points)
The website reddit is hosted on several cloud hosting servers.

Reddit is a large website that gets a lot of visitors per month and to host all that data and serve all those visitors they need a lot of servers to balance the load and keep it running.

So reddit uses cloud hosting from a cloud hosting provider.

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