Is a car with a rebuilt engine good?

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asked Jun 23, 2019 in Buying & Selling by uebecguy (300 points)
Is a car with a rebuilt engine good?

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answered Jun 23, 2019 by Essmann (42,860 points)
A car with a rebuilt engine is just as good as a car with a new engine as long as the rebuilt engine was completely rebuilt with all new parts including valves, lifters etc.

When a cars engine is completely rebuilt all new parts are usually put into the engine and then the engine basically becomes brand new except for the engine block and heads.

When I rebuild an engine it gets all new parts including the pistons, oil pump, timing chain etc so basically when I rebuild an engine the engine has 0 miles on the engine even though it's went a lot miles before the rebuild.

So the engine that has been rebuilt in the vehicle has less miles on it than car actually has.

So a properly rebuilt engine is perfectly fine and just as good as a new engine.

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