Is jock itch contagious to partner?

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asked Jun 21, 2019 in Mens Health by rodnok (320 points)
Is jock itch contagious to partner?

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answered Jun 21, 2019 by Larry S (34,830 points)
Yes jock itch is very contagious to your partner so if you have intercourse with your partner and you have jock itch the jock itch can spread to the partner.

So if you have jock itch you should avoid having intercourse with your partner until the jock itch goes away.

You can apply some Listerine or apple cider vinegar to help get rid of the jock itch or soak in a bathtub of water with a cup or two of apple cider vinegar which will help to kill the fungi that is causing the jock itch.

Apply some anti fungal cream to the jock itch can also help kill the jock itch fungi and get rid of the fungi and make you feel better down there as well.

Jock Itch is most common in men however woman can have jock itch as well and both men and woman can spread jock itch.

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