What does the idiom a half baked idea mean?

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asked Jun 19, 2019 in Words & Wordplay by zingnow4 (320 points)
What does the idiom a half baked idea mean?

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answered Jun 20, 2019 by LindaHartzell (16,280 points)
When someone says someone has a half baked idea it means that the persons idea is not well thought out and the idea they have is likely to be a bad one.

The idiom half baked idea is an idea someone has that is not well planned or carefully considered, ill-conceived, unsound or badly thought-out.

In other words if your idea is half baked it may work and may be a good idea but it's unlikely that the half baked idea you have is gonna turn out like you thought or hoped it would.

So it's best to have a well baked idea which means that your idea is likely to succeed and you thought the well baked idea through.

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