Does okra increase sperm count?

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asked Jun 16, 2019 in Mens Health by WVUNUT1985 (350 points)
Does okra increase sperm count?

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answered Jun 17, 2019 by Essmann (41,740 points)
Yes eating okra can indeed help to increase a mans sperm count.

Okra contains and is chock full of key vitamins and minerals that help a mans sperm stay healthy and increase the sperm count.

My doctor actually suggested I eat some Okra to help with my sperm count and after adding Okra to my diet my sperm count did increase.

My wife and I were having trouble having a baby and after eating Okra my sperm count increased and my wife got pregnant.

So yes eating okra does help increase your sperm count and increase the health of your sperm.

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