How many miles per day do you drive when on a long road trip?

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asked Jun 4, 2019 in Car by ohnston85 (300 points)
How many miles per day do you drive when on a long road trip?

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answered Jun 4, 2019 by Adf289 (44,460 points)
Most road trips I go on are around 500 to 600 miles which I can easily drive in one day.

I usually start out on my road trip by 5:00 AM before the daylight is out and get in some miles before the daylight comes.

Then by 4:00 PM or 6:00 PM I'm usually at the destination of the road trip within 500 to 600 miles.

So if I were going any further than 600 miles on a road trip I would stop at 500 or 600 miles per day and then stop at a motel and stay the rest of the night.

Then get up early in the morning again and drive another 500 to 600 miles.

Driving anymore than 600 miles can be hard and tiring so you should stop and rest after 600 miles on the road trip.
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answered Jun 4, 2019 by Gracy (64,790 points)
When on a road trip in my car I drive around 800 miles per day.

So if I have a 2,000 miles road trip I would take around 2 days to complete the road trip and if the road trip is a 3,000 mile road trip I would make the road trip and get to the destination within 3 days or 4 days depending on if I decide to stop at a hotel and rest a day or two before traveling further on.

Sometimes driving for a few days gets too tiring and it's nice to just take a break and stay off the road for a day for relaxation.

I also stop every 2 hours because my butt gets sore if I sit too long in the car on the long road trip.

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