I love to stay in a wet diaper all day without changing

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asked Jun 2, 2019 in AB/DL by diapereddieboy (190 points)
I love to stay in a wet diaper all day without changing does anyone else love to wear wet diapers all day without changing?

I'm 14 years old and I love to wear disposable diapers and I love to wear the disposable diaper even more when it's soaked and wet.

The diaper when wet feels so good to me and I love walking around with a wet diaper inside my pants and sometimes walk around my bedroom or be in my bedroom with just a disposable diaper on?

I wear Pampers Cruisers size 7 which fit me as a 14 year old and I love when the diaper gets wet and hate to change out of it into a new one.

I will even go to bed with an already wet diaper and hate to change it in the morning but will take it off because I have to take a shower and clean up but I wait as long as possible after getting up to change my wet diaper.

Does anyone else here like to sleep in a wet diaper all night and wear a wet diaper all day without changing it?

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answered Jun 2, 2019 by Pamperslover (31,350 points)
I'm the same way with diapers.

I've loved to wear and wet diapers since I was around 5 years old and now I'm an adult living on my own and have been wearing diapers all the time without using the toilet anymore.

I can now afford to wear diapers all the time and change the diaper when needed however sometimes on the weekends or when I don't have to go anywhere or be at work I can put on a high absorbency adult diaper and wear it sometimes all day with multiple wetting throughout the day.

I can put on an ABU Super Dry Kids diaper which is a Pampers Replica of years ago and it's a plastic backed diaper that feels good and can hold up to an all day wetting.

I love to go outside and play around the yard or in my Sandbox wearing nothing but the diaper and the wetter the diaper the better.

I also love to sleep in wet diapers too.

Just be careful though about staying in the wet diaper for too long as it can lead to a rash if you don't use baby powder or some diaper rash cream.
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answered Oct 5 by Donny4 (140 points)
Yes living in a wet diaper is just what makes me happy. Thick pin on cloth with plastic pants at night ( just like I wore forever growing up wetting numerous times every night, along with high quality disposables during the day that last me at least 12 hours. I’ve always been wet at night and struggled with daytime leakage but once I went 24/7 I no longer care at all and just love that feeling during the day of warm wetness filling my diaper without notice. I love wetting without any control concerns. I’ll never be out of diapers again!!!

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