I need a quality fire alarm in my office.

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asked May 26 in Polls/Surveys by Jassy123 (2,890 points)

Advise me good online stores to purchase it.

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answered May 26 by Marinad (1,740 points)

Fire alarm is very important and I do not advise you to buy it in online stores.  You can get a bad Chinese fake and it can be dangerous for your life!  Better to turn to professionals. I constantly appeal to this company https://www.americanbackflowprevention.com/service-backflow-testing.php that is cross trained in all aspects of plumbing, fire sprinklers, and fire alarms. Thanks to their services, I am sure that my life will be safe

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answered May 26 by Jassy123 (2,890 points)
Thank you for your post. You're right! This is really important.

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