Does tomato sauce get rid of skunk smell?

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asked May 18, 2019 in Body/Skin by gcrepors (310 points)
Does tomato sauce get rid of skunk smell?

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answered May 18, 2019 by Gracy (135,260 points)
Yes tomato sauce does help to get rid of a skunk smell when you've been sprayed by a skunk although it doesn't fully get rid of the skunk smell right away.

I had to take a tomato sauce bath 3 times before it finally started going away and then I started bathing in some vinegar and baking soda and also my regular soap.

Mix 1 quart hydrogen peroxide, ΒΌ cup baking soda, and 1 teaspoon dish-washing liquid to the bath water  and bathe in that.

You can also use that hydrogen peroxide, dish washing liquid and baking soda to get rid of skunk smell on your dog.

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