Is cedarwood oil good for hair growth?

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asked May 16 in Hair by RobanosAmirl (220 points)
Is cedarwood oil good for hair growth?

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answered 6 days ago by Christeen (30,240 points)
Yes I've had great results when using Cedarwood essential oil for hair growth.

Cedarwood essential oil can help regrow your hair by stimulating the hairs follicles and improve circulation to the scalp.

The Cedarwood essential oil also helps balance the glands in the scalp that produce oil so it helps your hair grow and helps prevent future hair loss as well.

Rosemary essential oil is also good for regrowing hair and preventing future hair loss and I've noticed that after I started using both Cedarwood essential oil and Rosemary Essential oil on my hair and scalp that I've not only regrown lost hair and promoted hair growth but I also have less dandruff as a result.

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