Best place to find GF?

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asked May 7 in Family by Adam (490 points)
Guys, where the Best place to find GF? Thanks

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answered May 7 by lulumeon (24,970 points)
When looking for a good girlfriend I would recommend using either the website or plenty of fish which is

Those are both great websites for dating and finding both girlfriends and boyfriends and you might also look on

You might be able to find a good farm girl if you're looking for a good girlfriend who is good at farming or into farming.
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answered May 9 by Nokiaa1 (140 points)

The dating site I think. But if you want some sex, here I can suggest you this gorgeous website for this

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answered May 10 by Kroverl (220 points)

Do not like dating site. I found my wife on escort website. This sound wierd. But she was so good girl in sex.

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