Can you bike the Appalachian Trail?

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Can you bike the Appalachian Trail?

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answered May 4, 2019 by Grahlu (51,270 points)
Yes you can ride a bicycle through the Appalachian Trail but when you do bike through the Appalachian Trail just be very aware of your surroundings and watch for hikers who hike through the Appalachian Trail.

Because most people do hike the Appalachian Trail instead of bike riding through the Appalachian Trail although riding a bike through the Appalachian Trail is indeed allowed.

Riding a bike instead of hiking through the Appalachian Trail will be much easier and faster than hiking through it and it's less strain on you and probably more fun.

You can more easily carry your gear through the trail on the bike instead of hiking.

If you bike the entire Appalachian Trail you should be able to complete the trip or bike ride through the Appalachian Trail within 3 to 4 months whereas it takes a hiker around 7 months to hike the trail.
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answered May 4, 2019 by lulumeon (40,870 points)
From what I remember reading online before biking is allowed on the Appalachian Trail but only in certain places such as where the A.T. coincides for about three miles with the C&O Canal towpath in Maryland, the Virginia Creeper Trail in Virginia.

But some of the Appalachian Trail does not allow bike riding through it I believe for safety reasons but of course you could try biking the Appalachian Trail and the worst that would happen is you maybe get fined or told not do do so and you'd have to push the bike.

However it's very unlikely you'd get caught if you did bike halfway through the Appalachian Trail.

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