Is a fuel pump easy to replace?

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Is a fuel pump easy to replace?

Is replacing a fuel pump in a car easy or hard?

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Replacing the fuel pump is an easy task but what is hard is getting to the fuel pump to replace it.

New vehicles today have the fuel pump located inside the fuel tank so you you need to drop the fuel tank and remove the fuel pump from the fuel tank.

Then you put the new fuel pump into the fuel tank and then put the fuel tank back on the vehicle so it does require some work in removing the fuel tank straps, unhooking fuel lines etc and dropping the tank and if you do it on the ground you'll need a couple floor jacks to low the tank to the ground safely and to raise the fuel tank back up to bolt the straps back on.

If you've never done a fuel pump replacement before it can take you a few hours to all day but a good shop can replace the fuel pump in an hour or two depending on how hard the tank is to remove.

Some bolts holding the fuel tank on can be stubborn.

I would personally recommend taking the vehicle to a shop with a lift so they more easily replace the fuel pump for you.

But it certainly can be done in your driveway if you know what you're doing.

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