What happens when fuel injectors are clogged?

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What happens when fuel injectors are clogged?

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When fuel injectors on a vehicle become clogged in can cause no starting, rough idling, loss of engine power, poor acceleration, engine stalling etc.

If your fuel injectors are becoming clogged or are clogged then it's usually because the fuel filter is bad and not doing it's job and allowing debris to get into the fuel injectors.

If you're having a loss of engine power or poor engine performance it would be a good idea to have the fuel injectors checked out to see if they need cleaned or replaced.

Pulling the fuel injectors and replacing them usually requires some specialty tools to get the fuel injectors to seat properly and prevent a fuel leak so it's best to leave fuel injector cleaning or fuel injector replacement to someone who has the proper tools.

You can try adding some fuel injector cleaner to your gas tank and sometimes that will help clean the fuel injectors if they're not too dirty.

But sometimes having a mechanic clean the fuel injectors fully is best or you may need new fuel injectors.

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