What is the advantage of a zero turn mower?

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What is the advantage of a zero turn mower?

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Zero turn riding lawn mowers are a wonderful invention and after using a zero turn riding lawn mower you'll never want to go back to a regular lawn mower again.

The main advantage of a zero turn riding lawn mower is that you can easily get near objects and spin around on a dime which makes it faster to mow the lawn with.

So when you get to one end of the lawn you can just spin around and mow again and then spin around again and mow again and repeat until the lawn is mowed.

With a regular riding lawn mower you have to go to the end make a wider turn and turn that steering wheel to mow the lawn.

You also have to work the pedal or the shift knob or handle to reverse or go forward or change your speeds.

But with a zero turn you just pull the handles back to reverse it and push forward to go  forward and then push one handle out to go to one side and the other handle out to go the next direction.

Using a zero turn mower speeds up your lawn mowing time so you can mow more lawns faster and they're popular with lawn mowing services and even some homeowners.

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