Can I use my Asperger's as a defense in this case?

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asked Aug 28, 2016 in Special Education by Ginger (120 points)
I love Benny & Joon, it's my favorite movie of all times and I have loved it since I was 17. So I went to Spokane (that's where the movie was filmed) and I wanted to see the inside of the house (where Benny and Joon lived in the movie) so I try and go inside but it was locked.

I went down to the river and picked up a big rock and threw it at the window and I climbed inside and looked around and I decided to draw the floor plans. I got some paper and a pencil and I started to draw the plans and then the owner came home and shouted at me and I had a shut down so I was unable to say anything. She called the cops on me and press charges.

 Now I am on bail and waiting for trial and my parents won't help me. They say I did this to myself and brought it upon me and since Gary Mckannen hacked into the USA Government computer system to look up UFO information and his AS is being used a defense and autistics think it should be used as defense because his condition was the cause of this, can I use my own AS defense for this since it made me do this?

I couldn't help myself and I wanted to see the house really really bad and I was desperate. I hate my obsession or none of this wouldn't have happened. I am going to kill myself if I go to prison just like Gary will do with himself when he extradite (whatever the word is) and goes to prison over here. I won't be able to handle prison.

I admit what I did was wrong but I hurt no one, the window can be replaced if I pay for it and I didn't steal anything so can my AS be used as a defense? After all my special interest took a toll in this like Gary's did about UFO's.

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answered Aug 28, 2016 by Bdog2 (3,910 points)
It wasn't Asperger's that caused you to throw a rock and crawl into that stranger's house. It was just plain bad judgment in your case, and I expect that's the way the judge is going to see it too.

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