How much pounds are in a gallon?

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How much pounds are in a gallon?

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The amount of pounds in 1 gallon depends on what is in that gallon because water, oil, milk etc has different densities and are not the exact same weight in gallons.

But for a gallon of milk and water the gallon of milk or water weighs in around 8 lbs but can be as much as 8.3 lbs.

A gallon of oil may only weigh 8 lbs while the gallon of water and milk weighs a few ounces over the 8 lbs.

So to find out exactly what the gallon of liquid you have weighs you can place the gallon of liquid onto a bathroom scale or other weight scale to get an accurate weight.

But the gallon of liquid should weigh in around at least 8 lbs but can be a bit more or less depending on the density of the liquid.

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