Can doctors tell if your fakeing (urineary) incontinentce?

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Im 13 and i want my parents to put me back in diapers. I cant just ask them to put me in diapers so im going to fake incontinentce. My gimic is that i fell of the trapoline and my balls landed strait on the arm of a chair. Iv convinced them that i hurt my balls. and i wet my bed. There proboly going to take me to the doctors befor giveing me "treatment" so 

A: is there a test that the doctors will do that will give away my fakeing? 

B: will they sugest any thing but diapers as a treatment? 

C:if so, how can i convince them i have incontinentce? 


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I wish you lots of luck in getting some diapers because they feel so great.

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answered Apr 29, 2019 by Pamperslover (22,120 points)
Yes sadly doctors can sometimes tell if you're faking incontinence because the doctor will almost always do tests and likely suggest medicines to help with the urinary incontinence.

Years ago I went to the doctor because I trying to convince my parents I was incontinent and they wanted me to go through tests and suggested medicine however they never did suggest diapers for treatment.

But you could say that you would rather use some diapers for the incontinence because you'd rather not take medicine but if you're clearly faking the incontinence then the doctor will do some tests and can sometimes usually tell that it's being faked.

But then again some doctors may just say that although they can't find exactly why you're wetting the bed or wetting your pants that there still could be something wrong.

So the doctor may not actually think you're faking the incontinence and may think you're having some other problems and they just might suggest you wear diapers for pull ups for the incontinence.

The doctors might do urine tests, blood tests and some other bladder tests on you to find out the cause of your incontinence.

If you want to wear diapers you can continue to wet your pants during the day after going to the doctor and then suggest to your parents that maybe diapers would be a good idea to keep your pants dry.

Your parents may then buy you some diapers for keeping your pants dry but just don't be too eager about it and just say I'm getting tired of wetting my pants and I think diapers would be a good option for me.

My parents never put me in diapers but I just eventually went too the store and bought myself some diapers and wore them.

I'm now an adult and wear diapers all the time and buy diapers through abuniverse and as well as

Those websites will ship discretely to your door and if you can get a prepaid debit card you can purchase diapers online and have them shipped to your house or have them held for pick up for a small fee where you can pick them up when you can to avoid your parents seeing them.

Healthykin has some cheap attends plastic backed diapers for around $30.00 for 96 of them and they're pretty good diapers.

So if you have the money I would suggest buying some diapers online or in stores yourself and then just hide them if you can't get your parents to buy you diapers.
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The doctor will be very unlikely to suggest diapers for treatment as there main goal is to stop the urinary incontinence and they'll do some painful tests on you for the urinary incontinence.

Plus they'll likely prescribe you some medication and they can usually tell for sure if you're faking the incontinence.

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