Is an expensive office chair worth it?

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Is an expensive office chair worth it?

Is buying the more expensive office chairs worth the extra money or are the cheaper office chairs just as good?

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answered Apr 26 by MrMoonPie (7,980 points)
Sometimes an expensive office chair can be worth the cost especially if you need to sit for long periods of time and need a good quality office chair with good lumbar support.

If you sit at the desk in the office chair for 8 hours or more during the day then buying a good quality expensive office chair will do wonders for your back and overall body and improve your health.

Buying cheaper office chairs is sometimes a good idea but sometimes it's best to spend more money on the more expensive option for a quality office chair that will provide you with comfort and support for your back while sitting long hours.

A more comfortable office chair also increases your alertness and productivity because you're much more comfortable than you would be in a less comfortable chair.

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