Can you get high from smoking rosemary?

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asked Apr 24, 2019 in Other- Health by Robinson121 (270 points)
Can you get high from smoking rosemary?

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answered Apr 24, 2019 by Cathy21 (48,860 points)
Yes it is very possible to get high off of smoking the rosemary leaves.

When you dry the rosemary leaves and then smoke them in either a bong or make them into a cigarette and you smoke the rosemary you should be prepared to get high.

I would not recommend smoking the rosemary though because it could be harmful to your health but if you want too then just be aware that you will likely become high off of smoking the rosemary and won't know what's going on.

That is until the high from the rosemary being smoked eventually wears off.
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answered Jul 15, 2020 by GeorgeMills (2,350 points)

I never understood the desire to be high. I even stopped using medical marijuana because of this side effect. I like that there is an alternative. CBD oil is more suitable for treatment -  I can choose medicine with minimal THC so as not to have psychoactive effects. I use my version of the CBD to block stress and as sleeping pills.

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answered Jan 27 by Karont (3,580 points)

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