Is it hard to get disability for lupus?

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Is it hard to get disability for lupus?

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Having Lupus can make it hard to work most jobs but having the disease Lupus doesn't always automatically qualify the person with Lupus for disability payments.

Still you do have a pretty good chance of getting disability payments and disability income when you do get diagnosed with lupus especially if it makes you unable to work most jobs.

However you'll have to prove to the court and the disability payments people that you need the disability payments and cannot work a job.

It can sometimes take 3 to 4 tries before you get approved for disability payments although if you're gonna be approved you should hear back within 90 days.

You need a good disability lawyer to help fight for the disability payments for you.

If you don't get approved for disability payments for the lupus the first time then wait awhile and try again and again until you win the case and get approved for the disability payments.

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