What is best off grid toilet?

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What is best off grid toilet?

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The best type of toilet to use when living off grid is a composting toilet that turns your feces into compost that you can use for gardening fertilizer.

You poop in the compost toilet and then use an auger to help move around the poop in the soil to help compost it up and then dump it out later onto your garden.

Or you could use a bucket or portable RV camping toilet that you use the normal way with the poop and pee and toilet paper and then you dump the waste into a septic tank or sewer system after you use it.

Although that requires more work and frequent dumping of the waste so I would just recommend a composting toilet or even an outhouse if your place allows outhouses.

With a compost toilet you're not supposed to pee in it but instead pee into a separate container and then dump the pee out onto the ground.

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