Does Tahiti have tsunamis?

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asked Apr 21, 2019 in Weather by Ekwastedkl (530 points)
Does Tahiti have tsunamis?

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answered Apr 21, 2019 by stephen0087 (480 points)
Yes Tahiti can and does get the occasional Tsunami but from what I've read online they're few and far between.

The Tsunamis in Tahiti are most likely to occur during the wet raining season which is the summer months but then again I've never personally been there.

So it's possible that Tahiti could get Tsunamis at anytime of the year but they probably do have a Tsunami season.

So just keep check on the weather in Tahiti if you plan to travel there as it could ruin your trip if you did get to Tahiti and tried it enjoy the stay and a Tsunami hit.

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