What is a hot shot load?

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What is a hot shot load?

In trucking what does a hot shot load mean?

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A Hot Shot load is where someone drives a regular pickup truck usually and pulls a large enough trailer to haul a large load that a regular semi driver doesn't want to haul.

Sometimes a large load may be better suited for a hot shot driver to haul with a pickup and large trailer than to hire it out to a semi truck who may charge more.

Some large pickup trucks are able to easily and safely haul some large loads that you would think need a Semi Truck to haul.

You can usually have something hauled by a hot shot driver cheaper than a semi would deliver the load.

You usually do not require a CDL to be a hot shot driver and haul hot shot loads unless your vehicle weighs 26,001 pounds or more or you're hauling any hazardous waste.

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