Reducing garbage stink with a dumpster cover

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There is a dumpster near my house and it stinks. Is it possible to somehow reduce the smell by installing a dumpster cover over it? I've been searching for a way out in the internet and I've come across rolloff dumpster covers at rolloff dumpster tarps. If anyone has ever tried them, please tell me your opinion about their quality or recommend me something else.

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answered Apr 12, 2019 by Minty (132,850 points)
Putting tarps over the dumpsters can help somewhat to get rid of the smell of the garbage in the dumpsters.

And the garbage men usually put tarps over the dumpsters when hauling them off to the dump which keeps the garbage from flying out while going down the road.

The dumpsters in our area have lids that close which keeps the smell down somewhat so some tarps will help to keep the smell down.
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