Is student loan forgiveness a real thing?

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asked Apr 2 in Financial Aid by RandyHJoe (330 points)
Is student loan forgiveness a real thing?

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answered Apr 2 by Judy (43,530 points)
Student Loan Forgiveness is a real thing and there are legit ways of getting your student loans forgiven after around 20 to 25 years.

But there are some scams going around stating they can forgive your student loans so be aware.

Also to have your student loans forgiven you must be enrolled in a (Income Driven Repayment Plan) or IDR plan and be making monthly payments to help pay down your student loans.

Then after 20 to 25 years you can usually get the rest of the student loan amount forgiven so it's real that you can get your student loans forgiven but you have to be paying on the student loan at least some and wait for around 25 years before the student loans can be forgiven.

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