How do you organise your time ?

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The way I organize my time is to create a list of what I have to do for the day and then as I complete those tasks I mark off what I have accomplished.

I do my best to stick to that one task until it's completed and then move on to the next task and stay focused on that task until it's completed and then complete the process again until all the tasks are completed.

You can set an agenda and to do list for the days ahead on the tasks you need to or want to complete and as you focus on those tasks and then complete those tasks check them off.

You could also use something called Monday that helps you with your goals and tasks as well and I've been thinking of using it myself at home for tasks I need to do.

If you work from home focus on the tasks and then complete them and set a time that you stop working and quit working for the day.

Having a dedicated home office with a lock on the door helps because you go into the home office at the beginning of the day and then leave for lunch, then at the end of the day say at 5:00 PM or so then close the door, lock it and go do something else.

That helps because when some people work from home they tend to keep working because work is always there.
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answered Oct 28, 2023 by BlackDiamond (2,020 points)

Event management companies need to be highly organized and efficient with their time in order to ensure that all of their events are successful. They use a variety of strategies to achieve this, including creating detailed timelines for each event, using project management software, delegating tasks to team members, and communicating regularly with clients.

By following these strategies, event management companies are able to save their clients time and money, and to ensure that their events are well-organized and run smoothly.

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