Do fish bite when it's windy?

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Do fish bite when it's windy?

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Fish do continue to bite during windy weather but the windier it is the less visibility the fish have because of the chop of the water.

So they the fish tend to bite less when it's too windy out so when going fishing it's best to go fishing on a day when the wind is blowing very little or not at all to increase your chances of catching fish.

I find that when it's windy I don't catch as much fish as I do when it's not windy out and that's because of the chop in the water.

It's not the wind itself but like I said it's the chop of the water that reduces fishes visibility so they bite less.
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Wind from the east, fish bite the least;
Wind from the west, the fish bite the best;
Wind from the north, few sailors set forth;
Wind from the south blows bait in their mouth.

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