Can stress cause a blood vessel to burst in your eye?

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Can stress cause a blood vessel to burst in your eye?

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Blood Vessels in your eye can easily burst when your blood pressure rises so when you're stressed out your blood pressure usually rises and when the blood pressure raises to a high enough point then the delicate blood vessels in your eye can rupture.

Blood Vessels that burst in your eyes are usually not serious and heal themselves within a week or so but if not you should see a doctor.

Besides high blood pressure some other things that can cause burst blood vessels in your eyes are vomiting, coughing, or sneezing that puts strain on the blood vessels.

Stress is not a recognized cause of burst blood vessels in eyes but it can be a cause of burst eye blood vessels because stress can raise your blood pressure.
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A broken blood vessel in the eye is known as a subconjunctival hemorrhage which is bleeding underneath the conjunctiva.

The broken blood vessel in the eye can occur after a sudden or severe sneeze or cough, heavy lifting, straining, vomiting, or even rubbing one's eyes too roughly.

It can also occur as a side effect of eye surgery or blood thinners.

The main symptom is a bright red patch in the eye that may spread and then become green or yellow, much like a bruise.

Usually it disappears within two weeks.

In most cases, no treatment is required for this condition.

Call your doctor if the blood doesn't go away in 2 or 3 weeks, if you also have pain or vision problems, if you have more than one subconjunctival hemorrhage, or if the blood is anywhere inside the colored part of your eye (iris).

In most cases a broken or burst blood vessel in the eye takes around 10 days to heal and usually requires no medical attention.

If you're worried though you could go to the emergency room or see your doctor about the broken blood vessel in the eye just to make sure everything is okay.

A broken or burst blood vessel in the eye is known medically as a subconjunctival hemorrhage.

A subconjunctival hemorrhage or broken blood vessel in the eye can be caused by several different things such as high blood pressure, stress, violent coughing, heavy sneezing and heavy lifting as well as laughing too hard which can put stress on your blood vessels and lead to the eye blood vessel bursting.

Most times it's not serious and resolves on it's own within 10 days but if it lasts longer than 10 days it would be best to see a doctor or go to urgent care or the emergency room.
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