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asked Mar 26 in Special Education by Sirius (220 points)
HELP, my husband betrays me! I know for sure. I really need a private detective to bring him to clean water!

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answered Mar 26 by Apolonia2000 (200 points)

I can advise good detectives on the site.  With their help, I divorced my stupid wife! She betrayed me. If not a private detective, I would still be living with this woman who is lying

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answered Mar 27 by Ownage0090 (340 points)
Sorry to hear your husband is betraying you but to find a private investigator you'll have to find one locally through an online search for private investigators in your area.

If we knew the state or location you're in we good let you know of some good private investigators in your area that you could hire.

Private investigators cost from $40.00 to $200.00 per hour and make sure that what you hire them for that they're not doing anything illegal in doing the private investigation on your husband.

Good luck though.

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