Does Medicare pay for adult diapers?

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Does Medicare pay for adult diapers?

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If the person is living in a nursing home then Medicare usually covers the cost of adult diapers and other needed incontinence supplies for the nursing home patient.

Other health insurance usually covers the adult diapers if your doctor prescribes adult diapers as a medical necessity for the incontinence.

Usually though when health insurance or medicare pays for the adult diapers they're usually very bad quality products that leak.

So if you're experience incontinence it would probably be much better to just pay for the adult diapers out of pocket which isn't too expensive if you shop around online.

I personally just buy my Grandmas Incontinence Adult Diapers online because when her health insurance were paying for them the adult diapers they paid for were horrible and leaked.

You can go to healthykin or other websites and buy cheap adult diapers which are much better.

I buy a case of attends for around $30.00 which have 96 diapers in them so it's not that expensive and they're better than the ones she was wearing before.

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