What happens if you lick a frozen pole?

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What happens if you lick a frozen pole?

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When you lick a frozen metal pole in the wintertime your tongue will almost always stick to it so it's best not to try it.

If you do try to stick your tongue to a metal pole in the winter be prepared with a cellphone or someone to call 911 for help because you're gonna have trouble getting the tongue unstuck from the pole.

Your tongue sticks to the metal frozen pole due to thermal conductivity since your tongue is wet and warm and the metal pole is very cold.

So since the moisture on your tongue gets rapidly cold when stuck to the metal pole it freezes to the metal pole and makes a connection.

Usually pouring some warm water or cool water over your tongue will get it unstuck or putting salt on it can get it unstuck.

But if you're unsure and some has stuck there tongue to a metal pole call 911 to safely get it removed because they know exactly what to do so they avoid damaging the persons tongue.

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