Do the natural health supplements are safe to consume?

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asked Mar 13, 2019 in Other- Health by ScottCoop (340 points)

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answered Mar 13, 2019 by RoseHandy (400 points)

Of course, yes. Many doctors prescribe natural supplements because of its effectiveness and safety. They may result with few side effects such as head ache or nausea, but it is less when compared to counter drugs or prescribed medications. You can search for Herbal Medicine Online, they are safer with less side effects and gives the effective results on health issues.

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answered Nov 25, 2020 by Alex9988 (500 points)
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In most cases, health supplements are safe to consume. The exception is intolerances to certain components. So, if you know you might have the reaction, it is better to address a doctor first. I personally joined the enhance club in order to stay informed of the enhancing supplements.

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answered Jan 22, 2022 by Julia (260 points)
I think it's safe.
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answered Feb 21, 2022 by Grinder (4,420 points)

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