Is AccuWeather very accurate?

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asked Mar 6, 2019 in Weather by m98uirt (320 points)
Is AccuWeather very accurate?

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answered Mar 6, 2019 by 23787trob (610 points)
I find to be way off in the forecasts and I find that is more accurate.

Accuweather tends to have a 5 to 10 degree difference between the forecasts when comparing Accuweather to

I never rely on Accuweather but do rely on which is my go to website to check the weather.

Accuweather's long range forecast is a good thing to watch to see what the average temperatures are during that time but never rely on the forecast longer than a week.
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answered Mar 6, 2019 by Larry S (33,680 points)
AccuWeather is not very accurate but they do have some good articles on their website and I like to look at the long range forecast just to see what it may or may not be like during those days. is also my go to weather website or my local news website for weather.

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