What is a good reliable FOREX Broker for US clients?

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asked Mar 1, 2019 in Employment & Careers by fraddy (6,060 points)

What is a good reliable FOREX Broker for US clients?

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answered Mar 1, 2019 by poliq (6,220 points)
There are brokers like “Tallinex” and “ATC brokers” who have stopped accepting US clients now because of their compliances issues.

Squared financial is one broker still offering services to US clients but they do have strict restrictions like minimum deposit requirement of $250k and perhaps some other compliance restrictions.

But, only “Finpro trading” is one broker accepting US clients who is not having any such restrictions on deposits and trading.
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answered Mar 2, 2019 by costy (6,550 points)


I recommend any from the list https://fx-list.com/brokers-for-us-traders You see, I have been trading for a couple of years already and be sure there are a lot of bed eggs without licence who want to take your money. I used to deal with only trusted brokers who has already shown their qualification. 

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Tell me a good broker, thanks!
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