Do you spend more using credit cards?

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asked Feb 23 in Credit by helenchatch (360 points)
Do you spend more using credit cards?

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answered Feb 23 by jeyleoi (360 points)
Most people including myself do tend to spend more money on purchases when using a credit card versus a debit card.

With a Credit Card you're able to charge the purchases using someone else's money and then pay it back later with the interest.

So since you're spending someone else's money they're basically loaning to you through the credit card most people don't think much about spending that money and tend to spend a lot more money than they would when using their debit card.

I always watch my spending using my debit card but when it comes to credit cards I don't think twice about a purchase.

But I do always pay back the money on the credit card and using the credit card my credit improves overtime.

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