Where can I get some awesome corporate gifts, guys?

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asked Feb 14, 2019 in Employment & Careers by kesteer (5,300 points)
Can you please recommend something?

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answered Feb 14, 2019 by Cathy21 (30,370 points)
A good corporate gift is gift cards through omnicard.com or some other websites.

https://www.empirepromos.com/Imprinted-Corporate-Gifts/style,1 also has some great gifts for employees and I highly recommend them.

They ship fast and do a great job at imprinting the products.
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answered Feb 15, 2019 by herdas (3,810 points)

Hello, guys! I think you will like the service from https://www.pinsource.com/ for corporate gifts and some other cool stuff. It is a really cool one which you will find interesting, good luck with it ;)

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