What's the difference between smart and intelligent?

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asked Feb 13, 2019 in Words & Wordplay by WarWeasel (230 points)
What's the difference between smart and intelligent?

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answered Feb 13, 2019 by nightday00 (410 points)
Intelligence and Smart are almost the same thing because when you're intelligent you're smart.

But intelligence is actually something you're born with and also a measure of your IQ and being intelligent means that you can learn new things rapidly unlike when someone is just smart.

When you're intelligent you have a more powerful brain than a normal smart person since intelligent people grasp new things much easier than some other people.

If you can code a website and database or program a computer then I would say you're both smart and intelligent because even though I'm smart I could never grasp programming a website or writing a mysql database or even programming a computer.

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