Is wearing diapers okay even if you don't need them?

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asked Feb 12, 2019 in Incontinence by JohnVita (330 points)
Is wearing diapers okay even if you don't need them?

I'm not incontinent but there have been times when I've wet my pants because of not being near a bathroom and so now I wear diapers all the time instead of my regular underwear.

I found that diapers are more comfortable to wear and are convenient even though I don't have incontinence and could do without them.

It is normal or okay to want to wear diapers for convenience even if you're not incontinent?

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answered Feb 12, 2019 by Nebulaui (380 points)
Even if you're not incontinent there's still nothing wrong with wearing diapers for convenience or even when you just love to wear them.

I don't wear diapers all the time but I will wear diapers for convenience as well and when a bathroom will not be easily accessible such as on a road trip or at an event such as a concert or new years event.

It's much better to have a wet diaper than have wet pants and holding in your urine is bad for your bladder and kidneys.

When you need to pee you need to go pee as soon as possible and avoid holding it for too long.

So if you want to wear diapers and find them more comfortable than underwear then that's okay.

Even though I wear my regular underwear when at home or near a bathroom I do find that diapers are more comfortable too but I let my groin air out to avoid rashes and wouldn't want to wear diapers all the time due to the expense of them unless I were incontinent.

Buying disposable adult diapers all the time gets very expensive when I don't actually need them but for occasional use it's not that expensive.
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answered Feb 12, 2019 by Pamperslover (24,660 points)
I'm an adult and I love wearing diapers for both the convenience and fun part of it.

Wearing a wet diaper even in public is a great feeling and I don't have to ever go to a nasty public toilet and I no longer even use the toilet at home.

I wear diapers 24/7 and would never go back to using the toilet ever again.

I use my diapers for both pee and poop and love the feeling of both.

I buy diapers from Northshorecare and Abuniverse as well and they have some great quality diapers that hold up good to wetting all day.

I use Northshore supremes and Abuniverse Little Pawz, Super Dry Kids etc and they're all good diapers.

Underwear doesn't feel good to me and diapers do feel good to me and I would never want to wear regular underwear again.

I can afford the diapers to wear 24/7 so I have no problem paying for it and it's well worth the money I spend on the diapers for both the convenience and my happiness and fun I get from wearing diapers.

Another benefit of wearing diapers is I don't have to leave my bed to pee in the middle of the night and can just wake up, wet the diaper and then go back to sleep.

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