Is there a lemon law in NC for used cars?

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asked Jan 25 in Buying & Selling by williamosney (240 points)
Is there a lemon law in NC for used cars?

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answered Jan 25 by Wendell (2,280 points)
North Carolina does have Lemon Laws but the Lemon Laws in NC don't apply to used cars and especially if you buy a used car as is and there is no warranty then you're stuck with the problems of the car whether the seller or dealer let you know about it or not.

Always look over the contract or paperwork when buying a used car and make sure you know what's going on because if you buy a car as is either through a private seller or a dealership then there's usually nothing you can do about the problems that you might face with the car.

You'd then have to cover the expenses of repairs out of your pocket if you bought a vehicle as is.

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