Is buying a car with a salvage title a good idea?

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asked Jan 22 in Buying & Selling by benjaminkw11 (220 points)
Is buying a car with a salvage title a good idea?

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answered Jan 22 by Velikofon (430 points)
Buying a car with a salvage title is not always a bad idea especially if you can buy the car outright and just want a cheap vehicle to drive.

You can still easily insure the car with liability auto insurance through most any auto insurance company but it may be hard to get financing for a vehicle that has a salvage title.

Also having a salvage title lowers the value of the vehicle so it can be hard to sell the car in the future but if you don't plan to trade the vehicle in or sell it then having a salvage title is not always bad.
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answered Jan 23 by Lamkerprist (900 points)
I bought a car through a private party 5 years ago and it had a salvage title which was no problem since I was able to easily insure it with liability insurance and it passed all inspections prior to getting it registered.

As long as the vehicle is in good condition and can pass any emissions tests and road worthy tests if your state has them then having a Salvage Title on a vehicle is okay.

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