Is it weird that I love to wear diapers as an adult?

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asked Jan 21 in Incontinence by CookieMonstah (220 points)
Is it weird that I love to wear diapers as an adult?

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answered Jan 21 by Pamperslover (10,220 points)
No it's not weird at all that you like to wear diapers as an adult.

I'm an adult who loves to wear diapers too and I've loved to wear diapers ever since I was around 5 years old when I would try to wear my brothers diapers.

Ever since then I've loved wearing diapers and I used to think it was weird and thought I was the only adult who loved to wear diapers but I found out years ago that I certainly wasn't the only one who loves diapers and it made me feel much better.

There are thousands of other adults who love to wear diapers and it's okay to love diapers.

I wear diapers 24/7 now and would never go back to wearing regular underwear since I never have to wait to get to a restroom to use the toilet and I can just pee or poop in the diaper instead and go on my way.

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