Why does my cat vomit so much and how can I stop it?

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asked Jan 16 in Cats by Alvarazi89s (320 points)
Why does my cat vomit so much and how can I stop it?

My Cat has suddenly began throwing up almost everyday now and it hasn't happened before and I'm wondering could something be wrong with the cat when he's constantly throwing up almost everyday?

Is there anything I can do for him at home to stop my cat from throwing up all the time?

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answered Jan 17 by carmelaeg4 (370 points)
You cat could've gotten an upset stomach that is causing the cat to throw up and if it is there's not much you can do other than wait it out.

Another cause of a cat throwing up is they eat the food to fast which doesn't allow proper digestion of the cat food and then they throw it up as a result.

Or your cat could've gotten a hairball which caused them to throw up and usually the cat throwing up will subside after awhile and if the cat continues to throw up after a day or so then it could mean something is wrong with the cat and you should take the cat to the vet if possible.

Usually though it's just a case of the cat eating too fast or overeating or even a hairball or upset stomach.

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