Does cold weather affect fiber optic cable?

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asked Jan 14, 2019 in Engineering by MicheHaag (680 points)
Does cold weather affect fiber optic cable?

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answered Jan 16, 2019 by Alvarazi89s (320 points)
Yes Freezing cold weather can affect the Fiber Optic Cable and could potentially cause the strands of Fiber Optic Cable to break due to the bending and flexing of the Fiber Optic Cable during freezing and thawing.

Fiber optic cables are susceptible to freezing in a way that traditional copper cables are not; fiber optic strands may be bent by the tremendous forces that occur when water crystallizes into ice.

So yes if the Fiber Optic Cable Freezes due to extreme cold temperatures and flexes or the ground happens to move during the cold weather then yes the Fiber Optic Cable strands could break causing an internet outage or anything else that is connected by Fiber Optic Cable.
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answered Dec 10, 2020 by RuthMarshall (180 points)
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Well, I think potentially it can definitely affect the fiber optic cable. One particular problem connected with it is how the water can make its own way into the conduit or even dust carrying the fiber. It has been told much about the potential effect, so I would better concentrate on the solutions. To alleviate the risks, one and only way is to install fiber cables buried below the frost line. But this method would be very expensive for sure. Besides it, it's hard to follow when fiber cables should be routed along a bridge or other structure. Another option is to add antifreeze liquids to the fiber conduit. Again, it's not a cheap enterprise. So, you would definitely better contact a fiber construction company such as this one.

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