What are the easiest credit cards to get approved for?

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asked Jan 11 in Credit by jandotto (290 points)
What are the easiest credit cards to get approved for?

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Any credit card that is a low end credit card should be easy for someone to get as long as the person has a great credit score and a great credit history.

If you have at least good credit Chase or Capital One credit cards are pretty easy to get approved for as long as you have a 600 or above credit score.

If you have poor or bad credit then you'll need to look into secured credit cards where you put a deposit up to open up the credit card and they approve you for the credit card with bad credit.

The amount you deposit for the secured credit card will be set as your credit limit and you then use the secured credit card like you would any other normal credit card and pay the bill each month.

As long as you pay the bill for the credit card each month eventually the deposit will be given back to you and the secured credit card will help you build your credit back up so you can get approved for regular credit cards and other loans which will help improve your credit score overtime as long as you don't default on the credit card or loans or other bills.

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