Is wearing just a diaper outside legal for an adult?

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asked Jan 7 in Incontinence by BabyTyrant (210 points)
Is wearing just a diaper outside legal for an adult?

Can I as an adult legally wear just a diaper outside with no pants in my backyard during the spring and summer?

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answered Jan 7 by Grahlu (45,220 points)
Technically you wouldn't be breaking any laws since your private parts would be covered up when wearing the adult diaper outside.

I have a fenced in yard and sometimes I like to just go outside and wander around the yard in my underwear but I wouldn't do so if my yard wasn't fenced in.

Not because it would be illegal but just out of respect for the neighbors and it wouldn't be nice for neighbors kids to see me in my underwear.

But since my yard is private no one can see me in my underwear so I do so.

If your backyard isn't fenced and there's kids around then I would not wear just the diaper in the yard because someone may call the cops on you even though technically you wouldn't be doing anything wrong.

But I would recommend putting up a fence around your yard before going out in just a diaper just out of respect for neighbors.

I used to live next door to a guy who was incontinent and during the summer he would be outside on his patio sitting on the patio wearing nothing but a shirt and his diaper and it never bothered me although he got hassled sometimes by some other neighbors.

He wasn't bothering anybody and was minding his own business and was a really nice neighbor.
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answered Jan 7 by Pamperslover (10,050 points)
A diaper covers up your private parts so you're not breaking any indecent exposure laws so you should have no problem wearing just a diaper outside in your yard.

However just beware that if your yard is not fenced in like other person said that you may get hassled by the neighbor or cops just because of their opinions.

I have a fenced in back yard as well and run around outside in just a diaper all the time when it's warm.

I also go to a public beach and strip down to just my disposable diaper and run around on the beach in just the diaper and although I've gotten a few odd looks and giggles and laughs from a few people I've never gotten into trouble for wearing the diaper without pants or shorts on the public beach.

Cops have never even said anything to me and I plan to go back to the beach this summer and wear just a diaper again.
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answered Jan 11 by mandyrw4 (350 points)
If the naked cowboy in New York can wear just his underwear in public then you can legally wear just an adult diaper outside in public because you're covered up.

Woman can wear bikinis in public also so a diaper should be no problem either although you may get some people laughing or chuckling you're still not breaking any laws wearing just the diaper.

Toddlers go out in just diapers all the time in the summer so adults can legally do it too.

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