Why do padlocks have holes on the bottom?

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Why do padlocks have holes on the bottom?

Have you ever noticed little holes on the bottom of padlocks?

I have and have been wondering what those little holes on the padlocks are for does anyone here know what the little holes on padlocks are for?
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The hole in the padlock is essentially a drain hole for water and moisture.

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answered Jan 1 by christinwalton (500 points)
Since a lot of padlocks are used outdoors the purpose of the little holes on the bottom of padlocks are their to facilitate drainage of any water that may get into the padlock when it rains or snows etc.

The holes allow the water to drain out of the padlock so it doesn't freeze and expand which could break the lock and freeze it shut or rust it out inside.

The holes on padlocks can also be used to squirt some WD40 or other lubricant including oil into the padlock to keep it from rusting and make it work for smoothly.
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answered May 2 by Adf289 (38,670 points)
I noticed that for years about those little holes and I asked a locksmith one day and he said it was just a drain hole even though what I thought was that it was a way to pick the padlock to open it.

But nope the tiny hoke near the keyhole in the padlock is just simply a drain hole to allow water to drain out from the padlock if it gets inside the padlock.

It also allows moisture and condensation to drain out of the padlock to prevent rusting of the padlock as well as prevent the padlock form icing up.

If the padlock didn't have that tiny hole to allow water and moisture drainage the water and moisture could cause the padlock to rust shut and not open or if it's cold enough the ice could freeze the padlock shut where it wouldn't open.

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