What is the best brand of trampoline?

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asked Dec 30, 2018 in Outdoor Recreation by StepheSmith (380 points)
What is the best brand of trampoline?

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answered Dec 30, 2018 by Joxxdwwaw (290 points)
I have a Skywalker Trampoline that I bought at Walmart for $450.00 and I've had it for 2 years now and it's gotten a lot of use and still has lots of life left in it.

Bounce Pro Trampolines are also good and is what my friend has and it's been a great trampoline that was a little cheaper than mine.

I'm however looking to eventually upgrade my current trampoline once this one wears out and get the Acon Air Sport trampoline but it costs almost $2,000.00 but I'm saving up for it to replace my current trampoline.

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